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"To match the right horses with the right people in a partnership beneficial to both human and animal."
Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. is more than a medium through which needy equines are funneled. We take pride in putting our rescues and rehabs into improved situations compared to that from which they came. We do not place our horses or ponies hastily into new homes, rather we consider how well the horse or pony in question will fit the given situation or person. We do not want our rescues to go from one bad situation to another - we want to place them into appropriate permanent, and loving homes.
ERRI believes it is imperative that people understand the incredible responsibility of horse ownership. Equine care takes a lot of time and money. Horses require daily care to stay healthy and happy and those who venture into horse ownership must be aware of this. Purchasing a horse can be relatively cheap. But caring for the horse, including boarding it, feeding it, and giving it veterinary, dental, and blacksmith care, can be relatively expensive. Horse ownership is not a privilege to be taken lightly, rather it should be given as much consideration as purchasing a home or having children.

Horsemanship. It means many things: knowing how to groom and ride, having an understanding of barn management, learning how to "read" a horse to know if it is sick, scared, or excited. ERRI believes that with proper exposure to horses and ponies, people can learn what good horsemanship takes and what it does not take. ERRI believes that there is a horse for every level rider, but it is important to match the correct horse with the correct rider for both of their sakes.

ERRI's goal is to help our rescues and rehabs return to work. Whether it's correcting their weight and health so they can handle a rider or breaking a bad bucking habit - ERRI's hope is that the horse or pony will be a useful companion to someone again. We have had many successes - helping a cold-backed horse accept a saddle again, giving a bucky mare regular work to break her bad habit, giving an older pony in imperfect health a baby-sitting job - we take pride in returning many rescues and rehabs to a permanent usable status.
Asylum to any horse or pony coming under our name. Once a horse is in ERRI, it is always in ERRI. We inspect our fostered/adopted rescues and rehabs yearly to ensure they continue to improve and receive the best care. And if for some reason a horse is returned to us, we take it back and care for it until we can place it again. ERRI is committed to keeping its equines safe and happy for the duration of their lives.
For those interested in fostering or adopting an ERRI rescue, the best place to start is Rendez-Vous Farm in Parkton, Maryland. We have many horses and ponies that need work and love. Horse lovers can possibly foster or adopt ERRI horses for tax-deductible donations to ERRI. The only catch is that ERRI horses cannot be taken further than 100 miles from ERRI's home base in Parkton.
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